Why Is Important in Graphic Design?

color psychology in graphic design

Colors have a psychological effect and evoke emotions – they convey messages. Color, depending on its properties, can lead to decisions, motivate the viewer to buy, etc.

Is the first thing the viewer perceives in a composition. This alone can drive or keep the viewer, for example, in a product. It is a powerful advertising tool and therefore its choice must be made with great care and wisdom.

Each color has different properties and evokes different emotions. These are generally common, but in some countries/cultures they differ. For example, white in the Western world expresses innocence and purity, while in Eastern countries it symbolizes death and mourning.

People’s perceptions of a brand’s personality can be affected by color, which plays a significant role in the psychology of branding and marketing. 3 Since everyone has various experiences and viewpoints, choosing a hue that complements the personality of your business is more crucial than attempting to evoke a certain emotion in potential customers.

Below we will see and analyze each color and what it symbolizes.


It is the color that contains all the colors of the visible spectrum.
A color representative of harmony, it expresses simplicity, perfection, innocence, truth, youth, honesty, light, enlightenment, holiness, spiritual authority and honesty. White is associated with goodness, purity and virginity. It is considered the color of perfection.
In advertising, white is associated with calmness and purity. You can use white to suggest simplicity in high-tech products.
As far as packaging is concerned, it is ideal for low-fat products and dairy products.

Keywords: Clean, Purity, Peace, Sterilization, Simplicity, Clarity


It is the color of the sea and the sky. Blue expresses calmness and peace. It symbolizes trust and security. As a cool color it reduces the appetite, so its use in food products is unwise and should be avoided.

It is ideal for promoting high-tech products.

Keywords: Trust, Security, Calm, Serenity, Reliability. Confidence


Green is associated with nature, health and freshness. It is the color you see most often in nature. Use to promote health products.

Keywords: Fresh, Nature, Healthy, Money, Ecology, Bio


Intence, bright, attention-grabbing color. It reminds of the sun, gold, spring. It creates happiness, joy and warmth. It stimulates spiritually. It is often associated with food.

Keywords: Happy, Sun, Light, Positive, Cheerfulness, Timidity


Orange is a youthful color, it expresses vitality, enthusiasm and creativity.

It combines the attention-grabbing qualities of red and yellow.

It is an appetizing color that is why it is recommended for food promotion.

Keywords: Energy, Creativity, Fun, Youth


A strong color that evokes strong emotions. It is associated with love, passion, power, energy, fire, blood, as well as danger and war.

Red is a color that increases pressure and stimulates hunger. It is the most intense color of the visible spectrum, which is why it attracts the most attention. Use to prompt the viewer to make quick decisions.

In advertising it can be used on products related to sports and physical activity, as well as to evoke romantic feelings.

Keywords: Danger, Power, Energy, Action, Love, Vigor, Passion


According to color psychology, brown is mostly connected with a sense of strength and dependability. Brown is a color frequently linked to durability, reliability, stability, and safety. It is also frequently perceived as substantial, much like the earth.

Brown is connected with dependability, dependability, and nurturing in branding and marketing. Several well-known companies, like UPS, Hershey’s, Cotton, Edy’s, J.P. Morgan, and M&M’s, use brown in their logos and advertising.

Keywords: Earth, Wood, Warmth, Home, Coffee, Reliability


The color of mystery. It can symbolize threat and evil but also prestige and power. It is a serious and formal color and confers prestige. It is ideal for use in luxury products.

Keywords: Elegant, Serious, Dark, Night, Prestige

Tell us what you think about Color Psychology. What does each color mean to you?

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