Is Design a Luxury or a Necessity?

Design is the unnecessary result of an ambitious aesthetic search, an advertising garnish, the whimsical product of a group of imaginative people, a luxury rather than a necessity.


Wrong! Design is the exact opposite. Design is a necessity!

Design, and more specifically graphic design, or otherwise the graphic design of the form and content of a visual message, is the functional tool of any useful communication effort, the essential content of advertising and any other method of promotion, commercial or otherwise, the well-done result of work of specialized professionals. It is a daily necessity that resembles a luxury, it is the indicator of our culture and success.


Good design is success!

From the correct choice of letters, the intelligent choice of images, the conscious use of colors, the good management of sizes in space and time, the balanced use of innovative and familiar visual elements, the transformation of Art into a useful, visual message and from the research that all this needs, that is, the success of communication depends on good design.


Good design depends on the effective use of a logo, a corporate identity, a package, an informative or promotional form, a sales tool, an advertising listing, a website, a theater poster, a book cover and so many other communication tools of the financial world. , social and cultural life.


The goal of good design is not the beautiful but the correct, the functional, the effective. This is how he exploits the beautiful and turns it into a mass, aesthetic standard. This is his contribution to the culture of every era, to every society.

Good design is the result of a good choice!

As a product of high-value professional work, good design does not emerge either from a brilliant idea or from manipulating a computer program. It requires study, tests, hours of careful and quality mental work. He wants trained people who don’t stop updating and learning even after they have accumulated many years of experience. It also wants a good knowledge of reality, a good perception of needs and enthusiasm for the communicative goal.



So, choose the right professional. Inform him properly. Give him the time, resources and fee he will budget for. Evaluate his suggestions by listening carefully and trusting his advice. Work with him – he’s not your supplier, he’s an ally in your business endeavor.


Good design does good!

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