In Greek Mythology, Kallisto is said to be the daughter of the king of Arcadia, Lycaon. Its name comes from the Greek word kallos, which means beauty, beauty. Kallisti = very beautiful, the most beautiful. For the Design of the Logo, simple and clear typographic elements were designed to show the seriousness and simplicity of the business. The curved line in Sigma “S” depicts a wave which symbolizes the sea. The color that represents the corporate identity of the hotel is Black, a color that expresses prestige and seriousness, while for the beach was chosen a lighter and relaxed Blue, reminiscent of sky and sea. For the applications of the corporate identity, a pattern was created that depicts, at the bottom the sea, in the middle the horizon and in the upper right the sun.
Client: Zisis Hloros
Year: 2021
Kallisti coffee cup packaging design